With strong cross industry expertise, Raiartech believes in building future-proof applications that modernise and transform business for the digital age.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation requires an organization to create new competitive advantages using technology, dedication, streamlining of resources, and internal acceptance.

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Core Digital

Our core digital engineers are devoted to building efficient, reliable and durable web and mobile solutions. Raiartech leverages the power of technologies to improve the development cycle and deliver in the most efficient manner.

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Cloud & Security

Cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure must be protected through policies and controls to ensure regulatory compliance and protection of user data. Raiartech expert services can help in setting up cloud infrastructure to accelerate businesses growth.

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Product Design (UI/UX)

Raiartech focus is always on the power of design to connect people with brands with strategic thinking, logical flow and above all our attention to details. Our design process is people centric and behaviour driven.

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Immersive Tech

Immersive technology (ARVRMR) increasingly blurs the line between physical and digitally simulated worlds, we at Raiartech have garnered thousands of hours of experience to offer solutions that address various business challenges.

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Executive Training

Learning and development professionals and corporate trainers are seen as strategic partners who are critical to any business success. Our alliance with top business experts from corporates and institutions can help to meet organization skills gaps.

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Digital transformation: A sense of urgency.

Two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive. What do you think?


RAIAR help businesses to understand the technologies and how their use can be incorporated into a business’s operations to bring in more profitable results.

Strategy & Consulting

  • Digital transformation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product innovation
  • Automation
  • Data and analytics


  • UI/UX Design
  • Technical Architecture
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Branding
  • Data visualisaiton


  • Mobile & Web App
  • Website & Ecommerce
  • AI Chatbot
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Mixed Reality
  • Mobile game

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